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ray ban sunglasses
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Return & Exchange

Return & Exchange

For domestic orders, we allow return policy with 30 days since you purchased your order for full refund if you are just unsatisfied with either the appearance or quality of the product. But you need to pay for the return shipping cost. However, if you want to return your order because you provided wrong prescriptions to rbsunglassesoutlet.co.uk, we are not able to provide free turn for full refund (but free exchange is available). In addition, this policy applies to orders containing only sunglasses. For orders containing lenses ranging from high index 1.56 to 1.74, bifocal lenses, varifocal lenses and lenses with sunglasses / transitions tint, we can provide free return but only 50% refund since these lenses are highly customized and not useful to anyone else. Of course, under this circumstance, free exchange is available.

Easy Returns

In order save you time, rbsunglassesoutlet.co.uk makes returns rather easy. If you decide to return your glasses, you just need to:

1. Contact us within 30 days since you made the purchase at rbsunglassesoutlet.co.uk
2. Repackage your order, remember to include the proof of your purchasing and other accessories.
3. Go to your local post office and get your package shipped. Remember to ask for the proof of the post fee.
4. Email us the copy of the post fee proof and we will include the post fee in the refund we make to you after we receive your returned glasses.